Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will it cost to service my Land Rover?

Servicing costs start from as little as £75, but with so many models in the Land Rover range it’s best to call us for a specific quote on your vehicle. Additional work is never done without your prior approval, so you will always be in control of costs.

How long will it take to service my Land Rover?

Virtually all routine service work can be completed on a same day basis. Even bigger repairs such as clutch replacements can often done in the same time scale.

My Land Rover needs repair, what do I do?

Simply phone us on 01785-243175 and we can advise you on the best course of action. If your vehicle is immobilised or off the road we can arrange recovery to our premises at very reasonable cost.

I want to fix my Land Rover myself, can I just buy parts from you?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to supply parts for D-I-Y servicing. We will also give advice on fitting if required. Just call us or buy on-line.

My Land Rover is still under warranty, does that mean you cannot service it?

No, providing genuine parts are used and the servicing is carried out to manufacturer’s guidelines, your vehicle can be serviced by us with no compromise to your warranty status.

I have a Used Vehicle Warranty on my vehicle. Can you repair it?

Yes, we can carry out repairs under all Used Vehicle Warranty schemes, such as Auto Protect, Car Care Plan and AA Warranty. We can also carry out repairs under Land Rovers own Extended Warranty known as Land Rover Assured.

My Land Rover needs an MOT test, can you arrange that?

Yes, just call us and we can arrange an MOT test for your vehicle. Should any repairs be required we will be happy to provide a quote.

My Land Rover is not running as well as it should, what can I do?

Call us for advice and guidance on your problem. Sometimes we can diagnose the problem over the phone, or if we need to see your vehicle we will carry out an initial appraisal free of charge. If a diagnostic plug-in is required to investigate a fault, we are fully equipped to do that.

For any Land Rover servicing, repair, parts or accessories enquiries, please contact us
Tel: 01785 243175 or Email

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